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At Cupcake Stiletto, Style is Sweet, literally.  We launched in 2012 in Los Angeles as the world's first Shoecakery, bringing to you two of girls’ favorite things-cupcakes and shoes-at the same time.  We are for individuals who embrace and freely express their personal styles without limits.  Our goal is to promote artistic expression through our modern collections of cupcakes and support the creative voices of independent designers through our unique collection of shoes. 





“Why can’t a girl buy two of her favorite things-cupcakes and shoes-from one place at the same time?”

  -Alicia Worthy, Cupcake Stiletto Founder



Style is Sweet means style should be embraced and expressed freely, without limits.  Style is something you are born with, it's something personal and unique to you.  These are the principles by which I founded Cupcake Stiletto.  The journey began in 2004 while I was a student at the New York University School of Law living in the West Village where I fell in love with fashion.  During my study breaks, I would purchase my favorite sweet, a vanilla cupcake, and walk the streets of SoHo.  During my walk, I was captivated by how people transcended fashion trends by inserting their own personal styles.  Each person's style expressed a different voice. 

After graduating from NYU Law in 2007, I worked as a corporate securities associate for a Top 100 law firm. When my schedule allowed, I would do what I loved to do so much in law school, take strolls in the city, eating my favorite vanilla cupcake, and shop for my other favorite, shoes. On one of these occasions, I had an “Ah-Ha” moment: Why can’t a girl buy two of her favorite things-cupcakes and shoes-from one place at the same time? A sweet idea was born, Cupcake Stiletto. Inspired by my lifelong passion for baking taught by my Father and my love for fashion, indie designers and shoes, I created the concept of a ‘Shoecakery,’ a retail establishment that sells cupcakes and shoes. 


At Cupcake Stiletto, we create every cupcake with meaning and use real, natural, organic and high quality ingredients so our customers will have an authentic tasting experience. Each shoe expresses the voice of its independent designer and is selected for the girl who embraces her personal style and freely expresses it.

I hope you discover our sweet collections of modern cupcakes and shoes on our online retail site and stay connected through our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Most of all, wear your style SWEET!




Alicia Worthy                                 


Cupcake Stiletto, Founder and Owner




Our goal is for our customers to have a unique and authentic experience each time they taste our cupcakes.  We organize our cupcakes into modern collections inspired by art, culture and fashion.  Our cupcakes are freshly-baked and handcrafted by professionally-trained chefs using only the finest ingredients, including Valrhona chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean, organic eggs, butter and milk, and fresh, organic apples, lemons, and berries from our local California Farmer’s Markets. 




Cupcake Stiletto celebrates the unique voices of independent designers. We feature select modern designs from emerging indie shoe designers who are forward-thinking and design beyond the boundaries of temporary fashion trends.  Each pair of pumps, wedges, boots and platforms tells its own story, representing the creative voice of its designer.  Our shoes are the statement pieces of any outfit. 





At Cupcake Stiletto, our customers are our pulse.  Providing high quality customer service is our top priority.  We are committed to creating an interactive and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.  Our website is designed for easy navigation on your laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Through detailed product photos, descriptions and inspiration quotes from the designers, our goal is to create an authentic shopping experience.  We stay connected with our customers through our blog and social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.    


We are building Cupcake Stiletto one cupcake and one shoe at a time. 





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