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Cupcake Stiletto Announces Launch of World’s First ‘Shoecakery’

New e-commerce site offers gourmet cupcakes inspired by fashion and women’s shoes from independent designers

September 18, 2012

Los Angeles, CA - Cupcake Stiletto launched its web store today as the world’s first ‘Shoecakery,’ a retail establishment that sells gourmet cupcakes and shoes from independent designers.  It’s a new concept that brings two different industries under one umbrella.


Our new website can be found at


The retail website features a modern collection of women’s shoes from independent designers Dolce Vita, Madison Harding, Elly Clay and Matiko.  In addition, the site offers different collections of cupcakes.  The design of each cupcake collection is influenced by art, culture and fashion.        

At Cupcake Stiletto, we believe style is sweet, literally.  Our shoes and cupcakes are inspired by the idea that style should be expressed freely, without limits.  We offer select modern designs from emerging indie shoe designers who are forward-thinking and design beyond the boundaries of temporary fashion trends.  Each pair of pumps, wedges, boots and platforms tells its own story, representing the creative voice of its designer. Each of our shoes is the statement piece in any outfit.   

Cupcake Stiletto Founder, Alicia Worthy, explains the inspiration behind the concept of a ‘Shoecakery’:

“In creating Cupcake Stiletto, I wanted to show the correlation between baking and fashion.  The term ‘Shoecakery’ links the concepts of ‘style’ and ‘sweet.’  As a NYU Law student living in the West Village, I loved shopping in Soho and seeing women transcend fashion trends by inserting their own personal styles.  This is the spirit of Cupcake Stiletto.  We offer a highly curated collection of shoes that reflect the designer’s unique perspective and the designer’s voice inspires the design of our cupcakes.  Our cupcakes are modern, inspired by art, culture and fashion-elements that also influence the design of the shoes.”

Worthy teamed up with professionally-trained chef, Edward Thompson, who has worked for premier Las Vegas hotels, to create our cupcake flavors. Each cupcake collection consists of cupcake flavors inspired by the collection’s artistic theme.  Our cupcakes are freshly baked and handcrafted by professionally trained chefs using only the finest ingredients, including Valrohna chocolate,   Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, European sweet cream butter, organic eggs and milk, and fresh apples, lemons and berries from our local California farmer’s markets.


Worthy discusses our cupcakes, “It was important for us to achieve intense flavors by using real, high quality ingredients so our customers will have an authentic, unique taste experience.  I always compare our Basic Collection to my favorite pair of pumps, they’re both classic. ”

About Cupcake Stiletto:


Cupcake Stiletto was founded by Alicia Worthy, a graduate of the New York University School of Law and former corporate securities associate at a Top 100 International law firm.  Inspired by her lifelong passion for baking taught by her father, and her love for fashion, indie designers and shoes, Worthy created the concept of a ‘Shoecakery’ and Cupcake Stiletto was born.  In late 2010, Worthy teamed up with professional chef, Edward Thompson, and they have spent the past two years creating our cupcake flavors. 


Visit Cupcake Stiletto and discover our sweet collections of cupcakes and shoes.


For more information, email Alicia Worthy at or visit the Cupcake Stiletto website at